David “ Dave” Anderson was born David Anderson and is the brainchild behind the award-winning website, www.usofanderson.com, which chronicles his road trip across America with his Russian high school foreign exchange student, Nikolai.

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With poetry of motion, toots of a horn, and the kind of pizzazz not seen since MC Hammer couldn’t “ Touch This,” Orange Man Solo Group delivers an organic live performance never-before experienced on the Las Vegas Strip.

Part musical virtuoso, part Cirque Du Soleil acrobat, part Jackson Pollock
painting, David "Dave” Anderson delights audiences with the unexpected and makes Blue Man Group look like a bunch of geriatric clowns who don’t know how to drum or paint or properly rock. Heck, David "Dave" does it all without relying on a group, or a stage, or a paying audience, and he has the guts to put it all on video.

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“A real tour de force. It disappeared from the strip as fast and furious as it appeared.”
-Lorenzo Hamilton, Las Vegas Sun

“There was much color.”
-Nikolai, former Russian foreign exchange student / video artist

“It’s so f-d up, it just might work… especially if he freaks people more from behind.”
-Candice, Olympic Gardens dancer / dental hygienist student